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Many Knights Answer Call to Help Meals on Wheels

Shortly before Christmas, I was contacted by the folks at Meals on Wheels. There were a number of people who could not cover their routes due to holiday commitments. We were asked if there was anyway we might help cover some of the routes for the week. A call out for help was e mailed shortly afterward and the response was tremendous and immediate! All the shifts we were asked to cover were covered. Thanks to the men and their families. Many of the routes covered were done with the wives, sons or daughters of the Knights. This is such a wonderful way to share the virtue of charity within our families. I would also like to thank those men who volunteered, but did not have a route to cover.

The folks at Meals on Wheels were so appreciative. What seemed like a daunting task to deliver the many meals for the week was eliminated by the generosity of our council. Thank you Jim Padden, Mark Helen, Steve Valenti, Dave Nilles, Corey Jones, Kevin Cowles, Dave Shorma, Jacob Vigness, Wade Frank, Dan Seefeldt and Bob Perius.

Vivat Jesus!

John D Clark
Grand Knight, Council 11930

Meals on Wheels

As part of our continuing effort to provide more opportunities for service, our Community Director, Steve Valenti has set up an opportunity with Meals on Wheels. This involves picking up and delivering meals to seniors throughout the community. To start, we have elected to provide a two-man team to deliver meals on the third Thursday of each month. If we have a lot of guys interested in doing this, we will add more shifts as we go.

Volunteering should take less than 2 hours, from about 11:00am to 1:00pm. Volunteers need to go to Valley Senior Services at 2801 32nd Avenue South in Fargo. The two-man team is intended to be a driver and a delivery guy. If you have any specific questions about volunteering, you can email Steve Valenti.

This service opportunity is open to all members, but was developed with our retired members in mind, along with those with flexible work schedules or are otherwise available during the day. Following are the dates for the first half of the year. Please contact Steve if you are interested in helping out. Thanks!

September – John Clark
October – Tom Dolan
November -Dan Seefeldt
December – John Clark

Community Service Opportunities

Brother Knights:
As you know, our council is very active helping with a variety of parish activities. This year, we are making an effort to provide service and assistance to others outside of our parish. Our Community Director, Dave Nilles, has identified two groups who could use our help , Rebuilding Together and the Great Plains Food Bank. Please review the following information and let Dave and I know by email your interest in doing some projects outside of the church setting.

Wade Frank
Grand Knight, Council 11930

Rebuilding Together
Rebuilding Together is a nationwide home repair and rehabilitation initiative dedicated to keeping low-income homeowners living in safety, warmth and independence through volunteer services. The Fargo group recently started. Electrical and plumbing work does need to be done by a licensed electrician/plumber. The materials are provided. We would need to provide the manpower, skills and tools to complete the jobs.

Here is a list of their current projects, which they hope to conclude by the year’s end. Please let me know which project you can help with.

Resident 1 lives in a manufactured home in Fargo. He has a severe mental disability and lives solely on Social Security Disability. He needs repair to walls & flooring in kitchen and bath. The floors in bath and kitchen need to be inspected for strength and integrity.

Resident 2 is paralyzed on one side and lives on $700/month Disability. He has a home in north Fargo that has 6 old double hung windows that need to be replaced. These windows are original to home.

Resident 3 needs new kitchen drawers. The fronts are coming off and the drawers are plastic. There aren’t replacements made since the cupboards are so old. She is a widow of a Veteran and still has a day care to supplement her Social Security check.

Resident 4 is a widow of a Veteran who died of cancer. She has an older home just south of Barnesville, MN. She will need blown-in insulation installed in her walls and attic.

Resident 5 lives with her son and both have a disability. Her son was in the military for a short time. She has had her home in Moorhead for almost 20 years and needs help with new carpet in bedroom and linoleum in kitchen.

The Great Plains Food Bank
The Great Plains Food Bank always appreciates volunteers. I have attached their volunteer tips and schedule information. We are looking to do a volunteer project with them in December, after our busy Fall and because they typically schedule six weeks out. They have several programs, such as filling backpacks for disadvantaged schoolchildren or stocking shelves. We can shoot for a specific project, but it sounds like they would like us do to whatever is of greatest need at that time. GPFB_2014 Volunteer Tips and Schedule